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How Redheads Can Avoid Getting Lipstick On Their Teeth

Keep Your Teeth Lipstick Free!

Updated: September 27, 2023

Sometimes redheads are afraid to wear a pop of color, but nothing looks more gorgeous than a bold lip and red hair. Wearing lipstick is a great way to dress up a simple outfit, elevate your style or complete a redhead makeup look. But, lipstick lovers know keeping lipstick off the teeth can be a pain. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your smile looking perfect all day long.

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Apply carefully

Most of the transfer comes from over-application. Make sure you are applying your lipstick carefully and not extending too far onto the wet part of your lip. If you have trouble applying lipstick straight from the tube, try using a lipstick brush for more control. 

Set your lipstick

If you have lipstick that tends to transfer easily, make sure you set it with a translucent powder before heading out the door. This works best on matte or satin finish lipsticks as it will dull some of the shine from a high gloss lipstick. 

Remove excess lipstick

The best way to ensure you don’t transfer to your teeth is to remove excess lipstick. There are a number of ways you can do this, the most popular is blotting. Simply take a piece of facial tissue between your lips and press down. This will help remove excess lipstick from inside your lip. Another great way to remove excess is by sticking a finger between your lips, closing your mouth around it, and pulling the finger out. This will wipe the excess on your finger instead of your teeth. 

Use a straw

While you’re out and about, try to use a straw whenever you drink to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth. This will also help to keep your lipstick looking fresh the entire day. 

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