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How Redheads Can Achieve the “Siren Eye” Makeup Look

Try Out This Sexy, Sultry Look That Is Actually Worth Your Time

“Siren eyes” is a makeup trend that has been dominating the beauty world lately. The siren eye is similar to the smoky eye we all know and love. But the whole “siren” thing alludes to sultry, feminine energy. It’s both mysterious and captivating to look at. The best part? It’s actually quite easy! It might be easier to watch the TikTok redhead makeup tutorials below and scroll back up to read our step-by-step instructions. Either way, here’s how redheads can achieve the “siren eye” look: 

Apply upwards

The main focus of this makeup look is elongating the eye in an upward slant. Even if your eye isn’t naturally shaped that way, you can create an optical illusion using makeup. You want to focus all your makeup in a more upward direction. 

Start with concealer + blush

Before you apply the eye makeup, you will want to start creating that optical illusion with your concealer. Apply from the outer corner of the eye upwards towards the tail of the eyebrow. You can also use your blush applied in an upward sweep to help define this elongated area.

Eyeliner is key

“Siren eyes” are created using your eyeliner and eyeshadow to create an upward-sweeping wing. Applying eyeliner to the inner corners of the eye can also help to elongate it and add extra drama. 

Try tapered lashes

Another way to help elongate the eye and add extra volume to the outer corners is to use a tapered falsie. These will be heavier on the outer corners and taper off as they get to the inner corner. Additionally, you can recreate this look with mascara and your natural lashes by applying it heavier to the outer corners. 

Need a little more explanation to get you started? Check out these redhead tutorials on how to achieve the “siren eye”.


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