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How Natural Redheads Can Embrace Gray or White Hair

You Rocked The Red, Now Rock the Gray!

Getting gray or white hair as you get older is a part of life. As redheads, we usually keep our natural color a lot longer than other hair colors. When we do start to fade, there are lots of options for keeping our red vibrant. But what should you do if you’re mostly gray/white and ready to embrace it? Here are a few tips to help you rock your gray or white hair as a natural redhead: 

1. Go all in! 

We aren’t using the exclamation point lightly. The hardest part about your hair changing is you now have roots. Where you once saw red hair growing from the root, it is now white or gray. Embrace the new color by getting your hair colored gray or white all over so the roots grow right into the hair color. This change can be a lot for someone who’s always been a redhead, but it can be a fun new change. 

2. Get a sleek cut

Did we mention most redheads usually go white? Whatever color your body chooses to make, white and gray can be worn as fashion colors if you have the right cut. A blunt bob or some other sleek, angular cut will look high fashion and keep you looking young even with your new hair color. 

3. Keep it healthy & shiny 

Gray or white hair isn’t unhealthy or dead. Keep your hair looking fantastic with deep conditioners, glosses, and other treatments. Shiny, healthy hair is sexy hair, no matter the color!

4. Transition your brows 

Most redheads have light brows and we fill them in darker to complement our hair. Transitioning your brows is important because a dark color that once looked good with your vibrant red hair may now look harsh. Try using less product or even embracing your natural light brow. A great tip is to invest in a great clear mascara to keep them tamed. 

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Remember: once a redhead always a redhead. Rock it like a Redhead!