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Don’t Sweat Your Style

By: Natasha Holler 

While you physically feel great after a workout, you might not feel as fresh as you’d like… and redheads everywhere know that our post-workout red-faced look is not our most becoming. Of course we’d all love to have the time to cool down, shower, and dress to impress to tackle what else the day might bring, but most times we’re squeezing in our workouts over lunch breaks or before dinner dates. So how do you keep it fresh while keeping up your fitness routine?

Remember to toss these necessities in your gym bag before you hit the treadmill:

1. Body and facial cleansing wipes are a must when you don’t have the time or the means to rinse off your post-workout sweat. Make sure you’re using facial wipes that are right for your skin – there are many different hydrating, blemish fighting, and makeup removing options available… find what works best for you and won’t irritate a redhead’s perfect porcelain skin. There are even more options for the total body cleansing wipes that will help you feel like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. A great pick is The Body Shop‘s “Tea Tree” Cleansing Wipes.

2. Keep your skin glowing – moisturize! If you’ve got a tried and true moisturize you love, make sure it finds its way into your gym bag for each workout. If you’re looking to condense the amount of lotions, lip balms, and facial moisturizers for an easy and portable options, try an all-over body balm like Revolution Organics All Over Body Balm. The product is all natural and can be used on the whole body, from head to toe! These moisturizing multitaskers can be used from your lips to your cuticles, or from your elbows to your eyebrows… any spot that needs quenched or tamed can be tackled by these time savers. And, as every redhead should know, don’t forget the sunscreen.

3. You should avoid applying heavy makeup right after a workout, but that’s not always an option. If you must apply, leave the brushes behind and stick with a tinted moisturizer, your favorite lip gloss, and your trusty mascara. You can rock that post-workout glow – don’t hide under layers of blush and concealer! Your pores will thank you.


4. One thing you shouldn’t rock is funky feet, so make sure you’ve packed a separate pair of workout socks, and you give your toes some attention afterward. Whether you use regular baking soda or a specialized foot spray or powder, look for a product that attacks bacteria, which can live in warm damp areas and will not cause less-than-fresh feet.

5. Of course, we can’t ignore our defining asset – make sure you mind your luscious crimson locks! When you won’t have time to wash, twist your hair into a bun and secure with pins during your workout to prevent sweaty strands. When you’ve finished your workout, let your hair down and remember – a dry shampoo can do wonders, and your style will look fresh and new. Try: Blow Pro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo. You can even spray in some hair freshening products to neutralize or revitalize your post-treadmill tresses.

With just a few simple steps for your post-gym beauty regime, you’ll be ready to rock it like a redhead after your workout, prepared to tackle the rest of your day – even sans shower!