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Dana-Maxx: Fashion Designer,Entrepreneur and Redhead

Who do you think of when you hear: fabulous redhead, inspirational designs and fashion forward clothing?

Only one woman comes to our mind, Dana- Maxx.

H2BAR had the pleasure of speaking with Dana-Maxx about her fashion line, her life passions and how being a redhead has inspired her life as a fashion designer.

H2BARWhat is the Dana-Maxx fashion story?

DM: I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and then worked in design for Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs before launching Dana-Maxx in 2007. The line is very architectural, mixes bright pops of color with neutrals, and is always feminine, edgy, sexy and effortless.

H2BAR: Has having red hair inspired your career as a fashion designer?

DM: I love the color red because it has so many different meanings. It represents everything from anger and strength to love and sensuality.  I loved red so much that I chose to use it as one of the main colors in the new fall/winter 2011 collection. We even worked with a gorgeous red haired model in our lookbook!

H2BAR: What does 2011/2012 have in store for Dana-Maxx?

DM: It’s a really exciting time for my company! I am on a new fashion TV series called All On The Line with ELLE Magazine’s creative director, Joe Zee. My episode aired on April 26th @ 10 PM on the Sundance Channel. Viewers will be able to catch some of the red pieces I did on the show!

H2BAR: How to be a Redhead reader’s are wondering, what is your favorite trend this season?

DM: I love the minimalistic look that is big right now. Women can look and feel effortless, but accent their outfit with great pair of heels and an accessory, and they are good to go.

H2BAR: We believe being a redhead is more than just a hair color, but a lifestyle! What does being a redhead mean to you?

DM: OMG it means everything! My hair is naturally auburn, but I feel that I should have been born with bright, bold red hair, so that is what I have now.

Having red hair is like wearing a great red lipstick: you can never go wrong and it gives you a sense of confidence.

H2BAR: We love your hair! Where do you get it done? What is your secret for keeping it so beautiful?

DM: Thank you! It’s very hard to find a colorist who understands red hair. Plus, I also have very curly hair, so you put the two together, and it’s almost impossible to find someone good! I travel to a wonderful salon in New Jersey called Solace Day Spa. I have the BEST stylist named Diamond. He turned me bold red a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

H2BAR: All of our redheaded readers want to know, what is your number 1 beauty secret? Are there some essential “redhead friendly” products you can’t live without?

DM: Kevin Murphy makes a great shampoo & conditioner that helps maintain my red hair color and texture.

H2BAR: You are a strong woman who has worked hard to succeed. If you can give any advice to our redheaded readers, what would it be?

DM: Be true to who you are. Redheads are pretty lucky- we naturally exude a sense of fearlessness and strength just with our hair color. There is a lot of power in the color red, learn to use it to your advantage.

You can purchase Dana Maxx’s clothing featured above in specialty stores in the U.S. and online at