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The 5 Best Hair Towels For Redheads in 2023

It's Time to Make the Switch

When it comes to your start-to-finish redhead hair care routine—we’re talking from keeping red hair vibrant to washing to drying to styling—we’re willing to bet that the towel-drying part of the process is what gets the least attention. We understand because it’s so easy to throw your hair up in a normal bath towel. But here’s the thing: when hair is wet, it’s in its most fragile state and the most prone to breakage.

As redheads, we want to keep our red hair in its best state. Normal terrycloth towels, although absorbent, are proven to cause frizz and damage. We recommend using a microfiber hair towel or a specialized hair towel to keep frizz at bay. 

Having a hair towel is essential for redheads in 2023. Here’s why:

1. Less Frizz and Damage 

Of course, the main reason most of us are moving to hair towels is the reduced frizz and damage. The material the hair towels are made of leaves us with less friction, less snagging, and overall healthier hair.

2. Reduces Neck Strain

Hair towels aren’t just necessary because of the material, they can also help reduce neck strain. If you’re someone who likes to twist your hair up, a heavy bath towel can actually give you neck strain. Hair towels are smaller and more lightweight so you can still wrap your hair up without having heaviness on your neck.

3. Dries Hair Faster

If you’ve been using your bath towel to dry your hair, chances are it’s not getting dry very quickly. Your bath towel is damp from your body, and that damp towel isn’t helping to dry your hair. Since hair towels are used just for your hair it’s dry when you use it helping it absorb more water.

4. May Help with Breakouts

Using one towel for your body, face and head can lead to breakouts. The products from your hair will get on your back and chest and anything on your body will get on your forehead, neck, and scalp. If you have sensitive skin using a towel for multiple body parts could be the culprit of breakouts.

With all this new information, things have shifted and now more and more alternatives for drying our hair are being created.

Here are some of our favorite hair towels on the market:


Soft Microfiber Hair Towel for Redheads


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