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8 Beauty Essentials for Redheads When Traveling

This is your official list!

We’ve all been there, lucky enough to take the road trip to Key West but forgot to pack our dry shampoo, mascara, or favorite hair brush.

Redheads can’t grab a random mascara and foundation at a local drugstore and call it good. ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved foundations that won’t cake or crease, and a shade that isn’t too dark or orange is hard to find. Most of us redheads have fair and/or sensitive skin and need specific brands and ingredients to prepare us for any weather, seasonal allergies or personal needs.

I have pulled together some simple travel items to never forget when traveling — and all products are ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved, of course.

1. Dry shampoo is best for short trips

I love Batiste. Not Your Mother’s (NYM) Clean Freak is fantastic too. If you’re an H2BAR Box subscriber, you’ve enjoyed NYM product in a few boxes and it was the winner of the H2BAR Beauty Awards for the Dry Shampoo category.

2. Make sure SPF is in your moisturizer

Wearing SPF 365 days is vitally important, but it’s also important to have it in your moisturizer. This plays double duty and so worth it. My favorite brand is Cetaphil — it’s great for sensitive skin, prevents acne and adds an extra layer of SPF protection.

3. Gentle face wash/makeup remover

I adore Cetaphil facial wash and Neutrogena makeup removing wipes.

4. Your favorite mascara

We all know a redhead’s BFF is mascara. And, don’t forget your eyelash curler!

5. BB Cream or powder foundation and a natural looking bronzer  

A natural foundation and a great bronzer will go a long way when you’re on vacation. I prefer Tarte Park Avenue Princess (also in a recent 2018 H2BAR Box)!

6. Makeup setting spray and hydrating mist

Whether humidity has you sweating or a plane ride has you parched, you’ll be covered! I really love Urban Decay All Nighter and Evian Facial Spray.

7. Travel Size Volume Boosting Hair Spray Big Sexy Root Spray helps for quick styling when you’ve got zero time.

8. Cortizone Cream 

This may sound like an odd one but redheads with sensitive skin face redness, sudden rashes and intense bug bites — and cortizone cream is a great help. Always have this handy when traveling.

These are simple cosmetics that will assure you have an easy ‘Redhead Friendly’ trip. Have fun fellow redheads and be prepared for any adventure. Rock it like a Redhead!