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Amy Adams Chic French Twist from the Oscars

By: Kiera Doyle, NYC Editorial Hair Stylist

In an interview with ABC at the 86th Academy Awards, Amy Adams admitted she chose her hairstyle because of the rain. Most redheads can understand instant frizziness because of the weather. Thankfully, we can choose a hairstyle like Amy Adams’ Oscars French Twist. Her updo had a futuristic feeling, with her bangs pulled back into a finger wave, while the rest was pulled into a classic French Twist.

Here is how to get her look: 

1. Curl hair with wide barrel curling iron. (Don’t use the clamp.)

2. Create side part and comb hair from parting back and then down to sweep hair from the right side across the back of the head.

3. From the nape of the neck up, insert a row of redhead bobby pins vertically.

4. Gather hair as though you are about to make a ponytail and twist it up.

5. Now insert redhead bobby pins at an angle through the side of the twist to secure.

6. Finish with hair spray.

Rock it like a Redhead!