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Get The Look: Jessica Chastain’s Oscars 2013 Hair

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From head to toe, Jessica Chastain embodied a classic and elegant redhead. Her performance in Zero Dark Thirty will be a timeless example of her talent and she shined on the Oscars red carpet with her hair style, a deep part with loose, soft curls. This look can be worn by any [redhead] woman and guess what? It doesn’t require a curling iron!

Here are the easy steps to get Jessica’s hair:

1. Start with blow-dried hair, being sure to angle the dryer downwards to prevent any extra volume near the roots. Make the hair as straight at you can.

2. Prep your hair with a heat protectant spray to seal in moisture and prevent humidity from frizzing your look. A great choice for redheads is Pureology’s Reviving Red Oil “Illuminating Caring Oil.”

3. With your hair straightener, glide it down half way through your red locks. Then, with the remaining half of the hair, turn the straightener over (like you’re curling the ribbon of a present), allowing the straightener to curl the entire section of the hair. Continue this motion throughout your hair until all sections are curled.

4. Then, take a small bristle brush (recommended to keep your red hair protected) to create a deep part and smooth the sections of hair to one side. Tip: You can use the brush lightly through the curls to blend the sections together.

5. To finish, spray a light amount of hairspray on any flyaways near the deep part.

Rock it like a Redhead, ladies!