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7 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Colors to Wear for Spring

It’s finally springtime again, which means it’s time to break out that spring wardrobe. As redheads, many of us like to share our uniqueness with the world through our fiery hair and fashion. Finding redhead-approved clothes that are the right shade to match our hair and skin tone is key to creating an essential wardrobe. When putting together your spring wardrobe this year, consider wearing these seven ‘Redhead- Friendly’ colors:

1. Lavender

I was once told that lavender looks fantastic on me and is the perfect complement to my skin tone. Now I always try and look for lavender-colored clothes. The light purples remind me of decorated Easter eggs and freshly bloomed lilacs which always put me in the spring mood. Isla Fisher was photographed recently rockin’ the lavender shade while riding her bike in Los Angeles.

2. Peach

As a redhead, peach has always been one of my spring color staples. A combination of red, yellow, and white, the peach makes up all the colors that redheads are told not to wear, but they still create the perfect combination to enhance our skin tone. Jessica Chastain wore a peach gown at the 2014 London premiere of Insterstellar, and it will always be a memorable moment for redheads.

3. Emerald Green

For a redhead, emerald green is a must for a year-round wardrobe. While great for fall, winter, and summer, emerald green is the perfect color for spring, as your red hair will stand out even more amongst the greening grass and trees.

4. Yellow

While yellow is considered another one of those colors redheads shouldn’t wear, redheads like Jessica Chastain have set the standard for redheads to rock the color yellow. Before you embark on wearing this daring color, get yourself familiar with the secrets to wearing yellow as a redhead.

Madelaine Petsch brilliantly wears emerald green and yellow together — and it looks gorgeous with her red hair!

5. Cerulean

Rated as one of Pantone’s biggest colors for spring this year, cerulean will make any redhead look like they are floating on air. For those that don’t know, cerulean is a dark shade of sky blue. Julianne Moore has worn this classic shade in many photo shoots and red carpets, and you can see why!

6. Beige

The perfect spring color to make you feel fresh and as if you are starting anew, step into beige this season to take on the new meaning of being reborn. This shade of white can be worn many ways as the ideal complement to your red locks and skin-tone.

Watch Adrienne, the co-founder of How to be a Redhead, rock a beige turtle neck while unboxing a recent H2BAR Box:

7. Black

To contrast your red hair, don’t be afraid to wear black during springtime and season it up with fun, colorful accessories that will help make your hair pop. In the photo below, Amy Adams wears a long trench coat with a pop of emerald green — oh, so ‘Redhead Friendly’.

These seven colors will make your red hair shine this spring as you Rock it like a Redhead!

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