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5 Spring Fashion Trends Every Redhead Needs To Know About

Updated: February 28, 2021

It’s the time of year most of us redheads can’t wait for… spring! Melting snow, budding flowers, green grass, warmer temperatures and new looks. After being bundled up like a polar bear for most of the winter, I can’t tell you how happy my redhead self is to be able to pack up some of the heavy duty clothes, break out some of my lighter, flowy fashions and let my red hair down.

This season we will definitely be seeing some new styles and even some old styles, colors, textures and patterns.

Let’s take a look:

1. Stripes:

I’m going to cover this first since almost every designer is integrating stripes into their spring line in one way or another. Pants, tops, dresses, skirts, accessories, you name it. There will be all kinds of stripes out there—different colors, shapes, sizes and forms (wide to skinny). The styles can range from the pinstripe to the nautical stripe and everything in between.

Not everyone is a fan of striped clothing, so here’s a tip: integrate stripes into your accessories. Don’t look beyond things like scarves, handbags, trench coats, headbands or jewelry. Redheads can make this trend pop for them if they look for stripes that go well with their hair such as ivory, yellow, and don’t forget combat khaki which is a hot color this spring as well.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Choices: Aeropostale Striped Headband, Women’s Wallis Mix & Match Stripe Shirt & Women’s Bp. Confetti Stripe Scarf

2. Let’s See Those Shoulders:

The movie Flashdance brought out this great fashion trend where females would cut the neckline out of a sweatshirt and then wear the top off the shoulder. This fad was around for a very long time. Now, it is back with a contemporary twist.

The materials of the tops we’re seeing with cutout necks are very unique: silk, organza, cotton, satin, lace, you name it.

Some are even trimmed with sequins or chains. Look for a large, boat-neck opening and just wear it off the edge. In addition to the Flashdance top (just not as showy) are tops with peek-a-boo shoulders. Some tops will either be short or long sleeved but have the shoulder caps cut are out showing just a bit of skin on your arms.

Redheads can find many different styles and colors to accent their auburn hair. If redheads want to show off their super sexy shoulders, just remember they are exposed to the sun so choose a redhead approved sunscreen for that skin!

‘Redhead Friendly’ Choices: Redhead Royalty / Rock it like a Redhead Sweatshirt, IZ Byer California Eyelet Off Shoulder Top & American Eagle Outfitters AE Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt

3. 80’s Reborn:

Speaking of Flashdance, this retro girl is psyched!

Dig out your gummy bracelets and cans of Aqua Net—the 80’s are back. This decade was an era that changed fashion forever. We experienced the 70’s fashion style last year so it’s only right to give the 80’s their turn. Puffy sleeves, large buttons, big accessories, neon pieces and acid-wash denim all have a spot in this season’s style.

Today’s designers now have the opportunity to take the fashion aspects of the 80’s glam look and modernize it a bit with different textures and styles. Have no fear though, some of the basics will still be out there to find.

Redheads should look for standards from that generation but really look for colors and patterns that are complimenting in color and styles for themselves. Even though leather and denim go with any hair color, redheads can really look flashy when you add bold colors like neon yellow, turquoise and deep purples. And don’t forget the awesome animal patterns and bold prints that any ginger can pull off with flair.

Redhead Friendly Choices: Women’s Topshop Jamie Tie Dye Hem Skinny Jeans, Women’s J.crew Side Tie Tee & Neon Flash Wrap Leather Bracelet

4. Bra Out:

I saw this look when one of the top bra companies began designing openly sided tank tops to show off their fancy, geometric, colorful bras. It was a secret fad last year but this year it actually is taking center stage with a lot of looks.

In addition to the bra showing under open tops for a sexy look, you will also be able to find very pretty, stylish bras that will be able to be worn under those cut-away tanks. I like the look of a bra top being worn by itself under a jean jacket, a long sweater or a sharp blazer if done tastefully.

Whether you are a reserved redhead with a maxi skirt, cropped cardigan and bralette or a rebel redhead with a pair of jeans, leather jacket, studded bra and colored heels, you can look fab at the club with an outfit AND hair color that will certainly turn heads.

Redhead Friendly Choices: Women’s Zella Pure Energy Seamless Bralette & Gap Softspun Knit Muscle Tank

5. Graphic Tees

I personally am a big fan of the graphic tee. As long as I can remember, I have had all kinds of tees in my closet. It is the easiest thing you can have in your wardrobe; you can put it together with just about anything. They come in all colors, lengths, long, short, you name it. I like to wear a graphic t-shirt is fun with a colored blazer, crisp jeans and boots for a casual look with an edge.

As a redhead, use this seasonal fad to show off what’s on your mind. If you don’t find something you like, there are many online stores where you can “create” your own favorite.

Don’t forget: you can even get your favorite redhead apparel and show everyone you are proud of your long fiery tresses!

Redhead Friendly Choices: Rock it like a Redhead T-Shirt, Friends Graphic Tee & Sub_Urban Riot ‘Vitamin Sea’ Graphic Tee

With these great trends for spring, who wouldn’t be excited to see this season come in? The sun will shine longer, the flowers will begin to bloom and birds will return with their favorite song. When it comes to spring fashions, there are ideas for everyone.

Find your favorite styles of the season then coordinate them with items and accessories that match your personality, and before you know it you will greet spring while you Rock it like a Redhead!

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