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5 Wedding Makeup Tips for Redheads

When redheads think of their prom days, sometimes visions of being in a department store with your best friends comes to mind; and how your friends always seemed to get the perfect makeup done, and you, the redhead, was left looking nothing like yourself. Too little mascara, too much blush and too glossy of a lip. You would think to yourself, “Doesn’t anyone know how to do a redhead’s makeup?!” The truth is, some makeup artists are “scared” to work with redheads because the skin pigment, eyelashes, eyebrows and overall look is different than the rest. So, when a redhead gets married and is anticipating her big day, sometimes these same flashbacks from years past can come to mind — especially when it comes to finding the right makeup artist.

Amanda Shackleton, a New York based celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, has been specializing in weddings for the past 16 years. She’s the founder of and has seen and done it all when it comes to weddings and brides, both in NYC and across the country. Amanda’s celebrity clientele for editorial work have included; Martha Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, Javier Bardem, Sara Michelle Geller, Katie Couric, Rosario Dawson… and more.

“I approach my fairer redheaded brides a little differently than other women,” says Shackleton. “You need to be very precise on the colors you choose and how you apply makeup or they can quickly get over done.”

Here are the 5 best tips for redheaded brides that Shackleton has applied for over sixteen years:

First step: choose a color palette. “Any color decided should be of a muted version. For example, if you choose pink for the eyes, stay away from anything too bright, as it will be too strong when applied to the eyes. Instead choose a light baby pink or rosey pink instead.”

When in doubt, go neutral. “My favorite eyeshadows are neutral colors. I love golds, light browns, taupes & mushroom colors. When used on the eye, even for a smokier look they will enhance the eyes and not over power them. You want to define the eyes well but not too much.”

Eyeliner. “I bring out the definition with a black eyeliner always. Brown will not give you the desired effect especially if you are being photographed. You do however want to stay away from a thick line above the lashes. Instead, keep it super thin above the lashes and come in from underneath by tight lining again with a black eyeliner. This fills in any little spaces between lashes that need fixing. The black against the white of the eye gives a great brightening effect.”

Blush. “Fair skinned redheads need blush and here’s the best way to do it. Stay within a medium range of pinks or corals, nothing to bright or too light and dab it on the apples of your cheek with a blush brush, then blending in circular motions working up to the temple. Dip your brush in translucent powder and blend again. I repeat this 3 or 4 times until I get the desired pop of color. The powder will help keep it soft but still show the blush.”

Lip color. “I love lip color on a redhead. It doesn’t have to be a bright red-but it should have an undertone of rose or berry. Anything too light, like a nude color, can blend into the face and doesn’t define the smile.”


Take these expert tips to your makeup artist and feel confident that your makeup will look amazing on your big day.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Makeup Credit: Amanda Shackleton, Headpiece Credit: