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5 Tips for Redheads Struggling With Their Identity

This piece is inspired by Netflix's "Anne with an E"

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Edited: September 1, 2022

Guest Writer: Anonymous

Netflix’s Anne with an E is another reimagining of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables. It is a timeless classic of a redhead orphan girl with a spunky attitude and an incredible imagination.

It is a collaboration between Netflix and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The role of Anne is played by Amybeth McNulty. Three seasons premiered in 2017, 2018 & 2022 and are ready for you to binge-watch. 

This is the first and only incarnation of Anne’s journey (and antics) I have ever seen. Let me tell you, I thought it would be a whimsical children’s show and instead, it comprised of heartbreak, rage, triumphs and discoveries. It is an incredible coming of age story. 

From the very beginning, Anne struggles with being a redhead. She sees herself as ugly and unwantable due to her hair and it brought me to tears. I was lucky enough to have parents, family, and friends (and the occasional stranger) who taught me to love my hair from an early age. I wanted to reach in and give McNulty’s character, Anne, a huge hug and a pep talk.

If I had the chance to speak to Anne herself, or any redhead struggling with their identity, this is what I would say:

1. Red hair is your forever crown 

Your hair is not an ugly orange, or carroty. It’s a gorgeous coppery crown adorning your head. Your hair is unique and gives you an automatic pass into a pretty cool group of people: redheads. I might be a tad biased.

2. Freckles are beautiful

Freckles are not ugly. Freckles are not blemishes. Freckles don’t make you ugly. In fact, people are now temporarily and permanently tattooing and applying fake freckles to themselves as a fashion and cosmetic adornment.

3. You’ll learn to love your skin

Your fair/pale skin is not sickly. It’s just a part of being a redhead. Some of us tan a bit and some of us don’t. That’s okay. Actually not okay, it’s unique. It’s another reason why we are incredible. Our DNA (MC1R gene) is encoded differently when compared to other hair colors. While this means we burn more easily, it also means we are less likely to get ill when we spend less time in the sun.

4. Red hair feels magical because it changes shades (and myths say redheads don’t go gray!)

Red hair will change colors. Everyone’s hair color changes throughout their lives but redheads can go from one shade of red to another and have natural blonde highlights in the summer. Some redheads also report not going gray later in their life, unlike other hair colors. 

5. There are so many new beauty products to enhance your red hair

Remember the old days when there was absolutely nothing on the market for redheads? We now have great choices when it comes to products like color depositing shampoos. Some redheads are even enjoying the benefits of henna because it can enrichen your natural color without dye. But, you don’t have to be afraid of dye! I’ve personally have added purples and pinks to my hair over the years and recently a teal streak. Hair dye can add some more spunk, cover-up whites and even express your personality!

What tips would you give to a redhead struggling with their identity?

Rock it like a Redhead!