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3 Ways To Dress Up As A Redhead Emoji This Halloween

Admit it! This is a great costume idea for redheads!

If there is one thing redheads have wanted more than anything else in 2018, it is the opportunity to represent themselves with a redhead emoji (the June 2018 H2BAR Box even had a Redhead Emoji theme). So far, we’ve been dissappointed, but the new Apple beta testing does show a single redhead emoji! If you’re looking to change your phone to the beta version, be careful and follow these instructions.

We’re still waiting, but we do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

A great Halloween costume this year is none other than the redhead emoji! Here are 3 ways to dress up as a redhead emoji this halloween:

1. Hold up a redhead emoji cutout.

You can use the old emoji (pictured below from the 2015 Rock it like a Redhead Event in Austin, TX) or the newest one hitting iPhones at the end of the year. Print your emoji preference at a local printing service store and attach a popsicle stick to the back to hold it up.

Photo captured on the 2015 Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour in Austin, Texas

2. Go DIY by wearing an iOS 12.1 shirt.

Write on a shirt: “Coming soon to the iOS 12.1 update” and wear your red hair down. It’ll be a fun guessing game at a Halloween party.

3. Wear an iPhone dress.

Make sure you attach a sign on the dress saying, “Redhead Emojis Are Coming!”

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