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Redheads Want a Redhead Emoji So Bad They’re Deleting Their Data

Redhead emojis are finally available — but only as a part of the iOS public beta.

Apple announced yesterday that redhead emojis will be available when Apple’s iOS 12.1 is released in mid-November. It is in beta now and redheads can actually download the iOS Public Beta to get redhead emojis (this so sounds exciting), but there is a big chance the beta testing can delete your data (that means your photos, contacts – everything!).

If you’re willing to take the chance and are semi-tech savvy, these are the steps:

Steps on how iPhone users can get the redhead emoji: 

1. Back up your phone

First, back up your phone. This is extremely important!! To back up with iCloud, you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. In Settings, tap on your name at the top > select your device (it’ll say “This iPhone” right underneath) > iCloud Backup > Back Up Now. If your iCloud storage is full, you can also back up via iTunes on your computer. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Select the device, and under “Automatically Back Up” select “This Computer,” then “Back Up Now.” If you ever need to restore your iPhone (or a new one) from backup, plug the device into this computer and open iTunes to do so.

2. Enroll your iPhone in the Beta software

Remember: This is a *beta* version of iOS, so take precaution. You may experience bugs and things may not “feel” right. After backing up, head to Apple’s Beta software program (click this link). Next, click on “Get Started” and enroll your device by entering your Apple ID credentials. After that, you’ll go to on your iOS device and tap “Download profile,” then update your iOS device to install any beta software.

You should see the redhead emojis available on your phone!

3. What happens once the new iOS comes out in November?

When the redhead emojis are available to everyone, you can unenroll from the beta program. Go to Settings > General > Profiles and tap “iOS Beta Software Profile.” Tap Remove Profile, and your iOS device won’t receive public betas. Next time there’s a new version of iOS, you’ll be able to download it from Software Update in your Settings app.

If you want to restore your device back to a previous version of iOS, it’s a little more complicated. But Apple has a support guide for doing so.

Will you risk deleting your data to finally see a redhead emoji? Tell us below! Rock it like a Redhead

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