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Where Are The Redhead Emojis?

They have arrived and this is why we're waiting.

There was much anticipation a few weeks ago when we heard the redhead emoji was releasing on June 5, 2018. The entire H2BAR audience began to celebrate:

Most redheads woke up on the morning of June 5th to update their iPhones to the new iOS software. We all wondered: “What would they look like?” “OMG! I can’t wait to see them!”

But, they weren’t there.

Redheads, don’t fret. It’s up to individual companies, like Apple, to integrate the redhead emojis into their software so it’s likely coming soon.  Check out the Unicode redhead emoji below to see the official design:

“Redheads have been a highly requested addition,” Jeremy Burge, the founder of the reference website Emojipedia and a member of Unicode’s Emoji Subcommittee, told TODAY Style.

The good news is the redhead emoji has been approved and created! Now, we just need to wait for Apple to upload it.

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