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3 DIY Coffee Based Beauty Recipes Every Redhead Should Know About

Give Your Redhead Skin a Boost with These Recipes

Redheads, those coffee beans in your cupboard aren’t just for giving you life each morning. They can actually be used to make DIY ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved at-home face and body products! 

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1. DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Not only will this easy coffee scrub leave your redhead skin feeling soft and supple, but it will also give your skin a brightening boost, hydrating, and nourishment. 

2. DIY Sugar Coffee Lip Scrub

Slough off the dead skin and leave your lips looking fresh and hydrated with this coffee lip scrub you can make right at home. 

3. DIY Coffee Face Mask

Coffee is great for the soul and great for the skin. It can help brighten skin, calm redness and inflammation, and it has anti-aging properties!

Rock it like a Redhead!