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5 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Coffee Skincare Products We Can’t Stop Talking About

Addicted to coffee? Add it to your skin routine!

The beans that go into your morning cup of joe aren’t just good for getting a jump on the day. Coffee has been used in skincare and beauty products for ages. Just like coffee perks up your insides, it can help your skin too! Coffee is known to help reduce cellulite, calm, brighten and soothe skin, as well as having anti-aging properties.

Here are five ‘Redhead Friendly’ coffee products you can incorporate into your redhead skincare routine and many have been featured in an H2BAR Box!

1. Cause + Medic CBD Coffee & Himalayan Salt Scrub

This body scrub combines CBD, coffee, and Himalayan sea salt to exfoliate the skin while relieving sore muscles. It will also help to hydrate the skin, prevent stretch marks and breakouts, and reduce the appearance of cellulite to leave your redhead skin glowing. Featured in a Deluxe H2BAR Box

2. Earth to Malibu Eye Awakening Serum

Reduce fine lines and other signs of aging by enhancing and renewing the skin around your eyes. This blend features fair-trade coffee to help shrink the appearance of blood vessels and improve skin elasticity. Featured in a Deluxe H2BAR Box

3. Sukin Coffee & Coconut Exfoliating Mask

This exfoliating mask is made up of a blend of aloe, coconut shell, and coffee beans to scrub the skin of imperfections and leave it feeling energized, polished, and silky smooth. Products from Sukin were featured in a monthly H2BAR Box

4. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Perfect for de-puffing eyes, boosting circulation, and brightening dark circles, this eye cream is formulated with a blend of caffeine and green tea as well as anti-aging vitamins to promote more youthful eyes. 

5. Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist

This ultra-refreshing lotion mist is made with coffee beans and ginseng as well as nutrient-rich pomegranate. It helps hydrate the face while keeping makeup intact for a dewy, vibrant look.

Rock it like a Redhead!