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2014’s Most Popular Cut & Style for Redheads

This time of year calls for a fresh start, and for many it is a new redhead hairstyle or hair cut. Diane Bailey, celebrity stylist for stars such as Beyoncé, textured hair expert and author, tells us the top cut & hairstyle trends for redheads in 2014:


 2014’s Most Trendy Cut

THE PIXIE CUT: Emma Stone made this look popular a few years ago and it’s back with a bang. If you’re brave enough to do it, this sophisticated, romantic cut is a stunning look for anyone with red hair. Visit your stylist and tell them the look you’re going for.

Once you get the ‘do’, use Bailey’s tips to keep it styled:


1. Apply a small amount of styling cream to damp hair and comb through.

2. Blow dry your hair straight, and use a flat iron to touch up any parts that need extra smoothing.

3. Use the end of a tail comb to evenly sweep your hair across your forehead, and use a redhead bobby pin by the crown of the head, on one side, for a pop of color and style!

2014’s Most Trendy Style

THE SIDE PONYTAIL:  ff610cec1ee8d5cfa033ec2e56805d71
The classic ponytail is ready to show its elegant side. A side swept ponytail is versatile enough to can go from casual brunch to elegant evening event,” says Bailey. “This chic ‘do is now an easy and sexy go-to style that works for every occasion. It’s easy to achieve.”

Here’s how to get the look.

Step 1: After shampooing, blow-dry your hair on a medium setting to dry without diminishing fullness and soft texture. If your hair has a tight curl or coil, use a higher heat setting to elongate, reduce and soften texture.

Step 2: Once hair is dry, create a side part above the eye until you reach the crown. Gently mist with de-frizzing product to reduce fly aways and add a brilliant shine. Using fingers or a soft brush, pull hair over to one side in your chosen direction. Run your fingers or brush lightly over hair until all hair is gathered in a bunch.

Step 3: Create a tight knot at the base of your head right behind the ear, or tuck and roll hair for added lift, and then form ponytail. Place redhead hair tie around the entire ponytail, secure loss hairs with redhead bobby pins. Once hair is secure, add fullness by pushing holder down, releasing tension and creating volume.

Step 4: To add volume and texture, add a dollop of SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie to the “tail”. Divide into chunky sections, twist each section to amp up the texture.

See the video above to see how to get the perfect redhead ponytail. 

Rock it like a Redhead!