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15 Ways Redheads Can Spend Galentine’s Day

Celebrate Love Your Way, Redheads!

We all know redheads don’t need a Valentine. This is why we encourage everyone to celebrate Galentine’s Day! The non-official “holiday” is on the 13th of February and was created to celebrate your “gal” friendships — in all its forms. It’s the perfect day to have some alone time, hang out with friends or just relax. Here are 15 ways redheads can spend Galentine’s Day this year!

1. Have a slumber party with all your best girlfriends. Theme it after the decade you were a tween or teen in and relive your glory days!

2. Draw up a bubble bath and just spend some time relaxing.

3. Make some popcorn, get a cozy blanket and watch your favorite rom-com with friends or on your own.

4. Head out to a girls brunch, or make one at home with all your favorite foods and of course some cocktails.

5. Do some DIY face masks and other home spa treatments

6. Enjoy a little retail therapy with some online shopping

7. Get dinner and drinks with your girlfriends, or see a movie!

8. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure.

9. Declutter and organize your home. Galentine’s Day is all about feeling good and if cleaning makes you feel refreshed, do it.

10. Have a paint and sip night with friends. Bonus: you can do it virtually if you’re far apart!

11. Enjoy a self-care day where you do all the things you’ve been putting off.

12. Order your favorite foods and have a night in.

13. Read a romance novel!

14. Go wine tasting, or host a wine night at home for friends. 

15. Cut yourself some slack. Valentine’s Day is just another day and it will be over soon!

Rock it like a Redhead!