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12 Hairstyles of Christmas: Day 5 – The Waterfall Braid

By: Kiera Doyle, New York City Editorial Hair Stylist 

This look is whimsical and quite beautiful during the holiday season.

Tools: Tail comb & either redhead hair elastic or redhead bobby pins

1. Create center part.

2. Start at the front of your head, and grab a section that is as wide as you would like the braid to be. Split into three sections.

3. Cross right piece of hair over the center & the left piece of hair over the center strand.

4. Cross the right strand over the center piece, and this time drop it; and pick up a new strand of hair near the base of the right strand.

5. Cross the new strand on the right over the center and drop it.

6. Continue the pattern until braid is complete.

7. Secure with redhead hair elastic or redhead bobby pins

8. Curls ends of your red hair with a curling iron for an extra touch! Smooth the ends (gently) with a softening creme.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Photos © How to be a Redhead. Co-Founder of How to be a Redhead, Stephanie Vendetti