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Why Redheads Still Don’t Have More Emoji Options

World Emoji Day is July 17th & we're hoping for more redhead emojis in the future.

It’s been 4 years since we got a redhead emoji, and Apple users are still stuck with just three options. We have a redhead woman, a redhead man, and a non-binary redhead emoji all with skin options. That is it! All the other human emojis come in varying shades of blonde, brunette, and black hair, but no red. Here’s our take on why we still don’t have more redhead emojis.

Redheads are underrepresented

Probably the number one reason there aren’t more redhead options is because the Emoji-makers do not think there are many redheads in the world. Redheads make up only 1-2% of the population, which means we are by far the smallest hair color group, but that is still over 150,000,000 (yes, million) people in the world. It’s also the most popular hair dye color with over 30% of the world’s population dyeing their hair red. This simple math tells us all we need to know: we need more redhead emojis. 

There isn’t enough push

Before the redhead emoji was released back in 2018 there was a petition going around to get a redhead option. The petition was on and had around 21k signatures. While that is a large amount, there are an estimated 70-140 million redheads in the world, so we think there could be more push to get more redhead options. Maybe we should start a new petition?

They are coming…soon?

With every new emoji release, we hope to see some redhead options on the list. We can only hope that they are coming soon, and that’s why we haven’t heard about them because Apple is hard at work. Keep your fingers crossed this is the case!


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