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Why Second-Day Red Hair is Better than First Day Red Hair

What's better than wash day? The next day!

Wash day is a great day. You get a fresh start with your red hair looking better than ever. There is no better feeling. But you know what’s even better than wash day? The day after wash day. The hair and scalp are clean, but when it comes to style, you can often get a look that is just okay. What gives? Well, even though your red hair is at its optimal cleanliness without frizz, it is almost too perfect.

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Second-day red hair is the best and here’s why:

1. It’s fully dry

If you’ve got thick red hair or curly red hair you know the struggle of hair being damp for hours after your shower. Even when you blow-dry, it seems like there are still damp spots in your hair. By day 2 those spots are gone, your hair is fully dry and it’s much easier to work with.

2. You’ve got more volume

Those damp spots can also lead to weighed-down hair. Second-day hair usually has more volume which makes it look better, fuller, and more bouncy. 

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3. Styling stays in place much better

Have you ever noticed a hairstylist will “dirty” up clean hair to get that perfect style? You can use texture spray and dry shampoo to give your clean red hair the hold it needs for a perfect style. But with second-day red hair, you don’t even need those products.

4. It’s shiny and lush

By day two your hair has had time to produce a little natural oil. This makes it shinier and lusher without looking dirty or greasy.

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