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Why Redheads Should Embrace the Coastal Grandmother Trend

Here's how to capture the vibe — even if you're a redhead who doesn't live near the coast.

If you haven’t heard, “coastal grandmother” is the latest lifestyle and fashion trend. The phrase brings to mind images of relaxing days spent lounging on a chaise, crisp linen outfits and houses with expansive farmhouse-style kitchens. And, essentially, that’s what it is.

TikTok user @lexnicoleta, who has been credited with coining the term, said in a video that those who love coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, cozy interiors and more might fit the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic. And no, you don’t have to be an actual grandmother to be a coastal one, “it’s for anyone and everyone,” she said.

This style isn’t new, but it’s now being embraced by a younger demographic and a wider range of people. Here’s why we think “coastal grandmother” is the perfect fashion aesthetic for redheads to embrace this summer:

Makes sun protection trendy: 

If there’s one thing redheads need in the summer it’s sun protection. Most trending styles don’t offer us the protection we need, which can leave us battling between wanting to be stylish and protecting our skin. Of course, sunscreen can be used with any outfit, but “coastal grandmother” has sun protection on lock.

The style channels the looks of older women in cozy beachside towns like you would see in a Nancy Meyers movie, and those women know it’s important to keep their skin safe. Hats, lightweight linen pants, and button-downs are all staples in the “coastal grandmother” look meaning you can be on-trend and safe from the sun.

The perfect combo of casual and chic

Nobody wants to be uncomfortable in their clothes, and sometimes stylish things are not the most comfortable or practical for daily use. This trend is comfortable but still chic so you’re going to look as good as you feel which is the ultimate win-win. 

“Coastal grandmother” bridges generations

It can be hard to find your place in fashion, and the best part about “coastal grandmother” is despite the name, there’s no one age that can adopt this style. The look is being adopted by people of all ages across the country and that makes it perfect for those who still trying to find their look or feel like they are stuck in one generation of style. Who knows, you might even find yourself heading out to shop with gran herself!

It’s timeless and isn’t going anywhere 

At the root of it, “coastal grandmother” is a lifestyle and a look that has been around for decades, and even if it fades as the hottest trend of 2022, it will never go out of style. That means never looking back and cringing about how you looked, and being able to invest in pieces you can wear for years to come. 

Rock it like a Redhead!