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Yes, Your Redhead Beauty Products Expire — This Is How Often You Should Be Replacing Them

When should you toss your makeup? The complete guide for redheads:

Between the samples you get at the store, and makeup you don’t reach for as much, most of us have extra makeup lying around for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s fun to dig old redhead-approved makeup out and try it again, but did you know it might not be wise to use some of those products? Here’s the when-you-should-really-replace-your-makeup guide: 

Mascara: 2-3 months

You’ll probably be surprised by how short the lifespan of mascara is. Professionals actually suggest you replace your mascara every 2-3 months. This is because bacteria from your eye can be living in the wand which leads to a risk of eye infection. This doesn’t apply to unopened mascara, but if you’ve used it once that timer starts.

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Eyeliner: No longer than 12 months

Although this is also an eye product, eyeliner actually has a longer lifespan than mascara. Professionals suggest you shouldn’t keep them longer than one year. 

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Lipstick: No more than a year  

Lipgloss: 6 months

Keep your lipsticks in a cool dry place and they can last upwards of a year. If you notice the consistency is weird, it’s time to throw them away. Lipgloss on the other hand should be swapped out every six months.

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Foundation: Look for the expiration date

Foundation can be kept for anywhere from six months to one year. You can extend the life of your foundation by storing it in a cool dry place and only touching the opening with clean hands. It usually has an expiration date on it, so look for that and also check the consistency. If it’s separated or clumpy, toss it. 

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Powder Products: 1-2 years

Your powder products like eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer have the longest lifespan with a safe use time of 1-2 years! Just be sure to clean your brushes properly and avoid using your fingers in these types of products. 

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There are differing opinions when it comes to how long makeup lasts, and we’ve probably all used makeup that “should” have been thrown out. Keep things clean, check for expiration dates and keep your makeup in a cool dry place (not the bathroom) to extend its life. That being said, now is probably a good time to go through your makeup collection and do a little purge. But that just means you get to buy more!

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