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What Happens When Redheads Use Purple Shampoo?

Is Purple Shampoo Right for Redheads?

If you find yourself in the online beauty community, you will often see people using purple shampoo on their blonde hair, and you might be tempted to try using it on your red hair. But first, let us explain what purple shampoo does. It works wonders for removing brassiness from blonde hair. But, what actually happens when a redhead uses purple shampoo? You would think  purple shampoo might make red hair fade, but the results will depend on if your hair is naturally red or dyed red: 

Purple shampoo on natural red hair 

If you’re a natural redhead with no dye in your hair, purple shampoo will most likely have little effect on your color. If you have highlights or a lot of lighter red/orange/blonde in your hair, it may help to remove some of the yellow tones to keep your hair looking redder and less bronzy, but overall don’t expect a big change because purple shampoo isn’t meant for red hair. Consult with your hair stylist on if you should use purple shampoo on your natural red hair. 

Purple shampoo on dyed red hair 

If you’re a redhead ‘by choice’, you might want to use purple shampoo to extend the life of your color. You can also use a blue or purple shampoo to tone down any yellow or overly orange areas to keep your rich red color. Warning: If you’re going for a more natural gingery color, you may want to avoid using purple shampoo as it will tone down the orange undertones. 

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We recommend redheads, both natural and ‘by choice’ opt for color depositing shampoos instead. They’re formulated for redheads and will give you the best results.

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