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What Are Those ‘White Freckles’ On Your Skin?

Do You Have White Freckles?

Have you ever noticed you have white freckles? They are more common in those 40 years+ but can happen to anyone. These white freckles are connected to long-term sun exposure and are called hypomelanosis guttate lesions. Here’s everything you need to know:

What causes white freckles? 

It’s uncertain exactly what causes these spots, but they are linked to aging, UV exposure, and genetics. Most people over the age of 40 have some sort of white freckles, so they are very common. If you’re very fair skinned, you might have white freckles and not even notice them. If your skin is a little darker, you may see them across your body.

Are white freckles dangerous?

Most white freckles are harmless just like regular freckles. They are simply a discoloration of the skin but nothing to be afraid of. Like regular freckles, if you see a white freckle changing color, growing or it hurts you should consult a dermatologist

How can I prevent white freckles?

If you don’t have white freckles yet, but want to prevent them in the future make sure to use sun protection and avoid over-exposure to UV light. If the white freckles are genetic this will lessen your chances of getting them but may not prevent them entirely. 

If you already have white freckles, there is not much you can do. It’s practically impossible to get rid of these white freckles without a cosmetic procedure, but you can cover them with concealer if you don’t like them. 

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