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WATCH: How to Create The Low Ponytail Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a simple redhead hairstyle that looks great at the grocery store or on the red carpet, the very low ponytail is the way to go. Jenny Balding, a Senior Stylist at New York City’s Cutler Salon said, “This look appears creative when using a hair tie that is the same color of your hair. That’s why I love the redhead hair ties.”

Four simple steps for the low ponytail:

1. Sweep your hair into a very low ponytail that will sit flat the nape. Use a redhead hair tie to secure.

2. Then to create instant volume, pinch the underneath section with both hands and gentlypull outwards.

3. This will create instant volume just under the crown.

4. Secure with redhead bobby pins if needed.

See this video for the step-to-step guide:

Rock it like a Redhead!