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This Sunburn Soothing Hack Is Going Viral — And Redheads Will Love It!

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We all know the importance of sun protection, but sometimes, unfortunately, a sunburn happens. It always seems to creep up and appear a few hours after getting out of the sun. The painful discovery can be shocking and the first instinct for many is to apply something soothing right away.

That’s exactly what one Texan Facebook user, Cindi Allen-Stewart, thought. Her post went viral when she shared her and her husband’s at-home sunburn trick with friends. Instead of aiding a few BFFs, the post blew up, with almost 50,000 comments from believers and skeptics alike.

Her tip: Soothe a sunburn with menthol shaving cream.

..specifically Gillette Foamy Menthol.

Rumor on the street is the Gilette Foamy Menthol is discontinued, but Allen-Stewart recommends using any shaving foam with menthol. She also recommends applying the foamy menthol and rinsing off after 30 minutes. Then, if you still feel hot areas, reapply, wait until 30 minutes and rinse. Allen-Stewart shared progress pictures of her lobster-red back fading into a more respectable blush after spending a half-hour coated in shaving cream. She advises her friends to apply the shaving cream directly to the burn, the same way you would a moisturizer or an aloe.

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“It will look as if it’s dissolved and dried out a bit. That’s just how the shaving cream is. It has nothing to do with the burn, it just gives you a visual idea of what 30 minutes would look like. It still takes a day after the last application to show you a significant difference,” she shares.

Why menthol? It is a soothing agent that makes the skin feel cool and can reduce any stinging from the sunburn. Please note: It will help with any temporary relief but won’t get rid of the sunburn completely.

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Just remember, while the red from the sunburn will disappear, it cannot reverse the effects of a sunburn. Always wear sunscreen and reapply every two hours!

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