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The Best Natural Sunburn Solution for Redheads

As the weather warms up, we know what to do with our skin, redheads. That’s right! Slather on the sunscreen, wear hats and stay out of the sun during peak hours. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions are taken, we can still end up with a nasty sunburn.

There are many common remedies used to conquer the aftermath of a sunburn. However, tea is a common household item that many people have on hand and is an effective natural sunburn solution, as it cools down the skin when used as a compress.

The two best teas for sun-scorched skin are: green tea and black tea. Both of which are highly effective in reducing the damage that is caused by the sun and providing many other skin benefits as well.


Here are 3 reasons why tea is a great option for healing a sunburn:

1. Tea contains high levels of tannins and polyphenols which are antioxidant properties that protect the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays and help to accelerate skin regeneration.

2. They improve blood circulation, which enhances the appearance of the skin and provides a glow.

3. Contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness.

How to effectively treat a sunburn with tea:

The best way to use the tea is to apply a compress with a washcloth towel. It can easily be made by preparing the tea, letting it cool and then applying the soaked towel to the sunburnt areas on your face and body. Let the tea absorb into the skin by not wiping anything off. Once dry, reapply if necessary.

Bonus: Furthermore, black tea can be used as a DIY, 100% natural instant tanner by following the above method. Transfer black tea to an empty clean spray bottle and spray on skin. Only rubbing in with circular motions when you see drips. The idea is to let it soak into the skin – do not wipe off. It gives a very light stain on the skin without looking too fake.

We recommend trying both of these treatments before bed, that way your skin has time to breathe and relax. Remember, you’ll want to treat your sunburn with tea as soon as possible. Don’t wait a day or two, it will only get worse.

Stay sun safe this summer (and always) & Rock it like a Redhead!