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Alyssa Showalter

The Similarity Between Global Warming and Redheads

My theory is: as the earth warms, redheads will diminish. Shall we say Red is the new White?

By: Alyssa Showalter

It is summer and it’s also becoming the warmest time of the year. August through September is the warmest months for the northern hemisphere. This means for us sun-sensitive people, especially redheads, wearing sunscreen, hats, sun shirts, and sunglasses are very important.

Recently, I explained to a member of my family that redheads are the new polar bears of global warming.

..Going on to say that we should be the new face next to the polar bear, raising awareness on the warming of our planet.

Redheads are sensitive to sunlight/UV rays. We melt and burn under 30 minutes in direct sunlight. We simply cannot do things without SPF protection. This is why we sit in shade, or go out for short periods of time. Plus, it has not got easier in the recent years.

Admit it or not, but we redheads can feel the sun (probably more than blondes and brunettes). When time is up for sun exposure, we feel it through our skin and hair. The time has gotten shorter each time. When I was a kid, I remember being able to stay out for maybe 1 hour, but maybe with age my skin has become more fragile, and I can feel my arms burn within 5 or 10 minutes.

Global Warming is a sensitive topic, but it is serious.

Believe it or not, the term “global warming” is most likely where the rumor that redheads were going extinct came from. Our biology is changing to help us survive in our environment.

I don’t know the numbers or science behind it, but my theory is that redheads are adapting to global warming, but as the earth continues to warm, redheads will begin to diminish. Which would result in there being less of us.  Yes, no more redheads!

At the rate our earth is warming, there will come a day when redheads can no longer handle the heat.

So there is a “Good News” and “Bad News” to this article.

The good news is that we can adapt and our body is slowly changing so we can survive the harsh rays of the sun. Give or take a couple thousand years.

The bad news. Global warming is still happening, believe in it or not, it effects us all. If we do not try to reverse global warming, then we have doomed our home planet, and everything living in it.

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So, Rock it like a Redhead and spread the word this summer! Save our home, the polar bears.. and the redheads.

Disclaimer: This is a post based primarily on suspicion and personal belief. There is not scientific evidence to back up the claims above.