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The Best Vitamin Recommendations for a Redhead’s Skin

Who hasn’t asked themselves: do vitaminsreally matter? Redheads have very sensitive skin, so it’s surely important to keep a clean/chemical free skin regimen. We talked with Christine Vella-Cibella of Bella-Zen Skin Therapy and Wellness Studio in Pittsford, NY. “To transition skin care from summer to fall, homecare and salon treatments should focus on healing, calming and strengthening the immune system,” says Christine. “This includes a good dose of vitamins as well, which can help prepare your redhead skin.”

Christine breaks down what skin practices are important and which vitamins we should turn to:

1. Always Wear Sunscreen:

Vitamins will not protect us from the sun, so it’s very important to keep our skin safe even in the colder months. “We protect our skin from the damaging rays of the summer sun (UVA & UVB) with appropriate spf products, while getting the good stuff from sun exposure like Vitamin D and mood enhancement. Unfortunately even with SPF and protective clothing, it takes a minimal time of unprotected exposure to do some damage like sunburn. Even 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure can do harm.”


2. The Best Vitamins for Redheads:

“My favorite picks are Vitamin C, Licorice Root, Manuka Oil, Manuka Honey, Active 12+.”

3. Gentle Exfoliators:

“This fall, after the use of sunscreen and proper vitamins, a gentle exfoliators with brightening agents will add freshness to your skin.”

*It’s important to talk with your doctor about what’s best for your health.|| Photo Credit: Sarajane Case Photography