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Spring Fashionably

By: Tessa Viole

Spring has finally sprung and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, really, it took long enough. With warm weather comes new trends for us to try, as well as the potential return of trends of seasons past. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Sometimes it can be fun to revisit certain trends.

We already know the top spring colors, but what about the “in” items? Also, redheads don’t fear. These trends are sure to look great on everyone:

1. Holographic Effect: This trend is great for making an outfit pop. Some easy ways to obtain the full effect of this trend are by shoes, clutches, skirts, or moto jackets. Although, if you’re feeling bold some stores do sell holographic dresses. Keep in mind that with this trend, less is more. So, be sure to just stick to one holographic item per outfit.


2. Tea Length Skirts: Similar to the maxi skirt, this can really make an outfit. The difference between the tea length skirt and the maxi skirt is that the tea length skirt is a lot fuller and is a bit shorter. Similar to what was seen back in the ‘50s, if accessorized right the tea length skirt will give off an old Hollywood glamour vibe. It also can allow you to channel your inner Lucille Ball, the most famous redhead of them all (next to Ariel, of course).


3. Cute Pullovers: Don’t let the sweatshirt standard fool you, because when worn right they can be quite fashionable and can look great. Whether it’s a short sleeved or long sleeved pullover, the way it’s styled can make all the difference.


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4. Black and White Colorblocking: One of the most effective ways to colorblock an outfit (and in my opinion, the easiest way) is by utilizing both black and white. Not only does the outfit look polished, but you have a great balance between the two shades so you’re not getting more or less of either one.


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5. Geometric Prints: One of my personal favorites for any season are geometric prints. There’s just something so fun, vibrant, and bohemian about them that make them an adventure to wear.


6. Sporty Chic: Being athletic can also be fashionable, which proved true this year on the runway. From designers like Lacoste and John Galliano, there were many sporty outfits that proved their worth and aren’t just for the tennis courts.



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