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Review of the October H2BAR Box

By: Sassy Auburn

Most redheads could not be happier it’s October. Fall (aka Redhead Season) is our season and boy do we know it. The October H2BAR Box was packed full of goodies to keep us redheads looking beautiful – from head to toe.

1. June Jacobs On-The-Go Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque Pouch ($18)

I have really been getting into using at-home facial masks. Of course, in October, if they smell like pumpkin than that’s an extra bonus. This mask from June Jacobs is awesome. In addition to smelling great, it is especially detoxifying for your skin and non-irritating. It is filled with vitamins A and C (thanks to the pumpkin) and gives your face a nice healthy glow. I can feel a significant difference in my skin’s texture after using it.

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2. Just for Redheads Eyebrow Pencil ($14)

Doing my eyebrows is one thing I am very lax about. I make sure they are groomed nicely without any stragglers pieces out of line. But, I throw up hands up and walk away when it comes to shaping them. After using this brow pencil from Just for Redheads, I now can say my eyebrows not only look better but also gives my face a nice defined, matching look. I guess it takes a redhead company to know the right products for us gingers. This is definitely a surprisingly nice addition to my beauty routine.

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3. Evelyn Iona Green Tea Primer ($29.50)

Anyone who knows the makeup industry knows primers are where it’s at right now. Some hydrate and even out the skin, while others hide pores and contain ingredients you probably wouldn’t want anywhere near your face. The minute I tried the Green Tea Primer, I fell in love. It reduces the telltale signs of aging by creating a smooth texture to the face while keeping it calm with green tea. It goes on easily and gives a smooth finish. I really didn’t have to think twice about this purchase. I ordered it in a full-size the day after I tried it.

4. Amanda Blakley SPF Lip Protectant ($8)

A change in the weather definitely means your skin will begin to dry out. This ‘redhead friendly’ balm is fragrance-free, flavor free and allergen free. Which basically means you can use it anytime, anywhere to product the lips from the dry inside air and the cold outside temperatures. The sunburn preventative ingredients help to keep our lips safe from the sun and slow down the aging process around the lips that occur without an SPF. It’s easy to carry and has an easy application.

5. Albertini International Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask ($4.50)

This Warm Love Pumpkin Mask is much different than the other mask in the H2BAR box. This one actually gets WARM when it goes on your skin. It is jammed packed with fragrant pumpkin ingredients to remove old skin cells and stimulate new cell growth. The exfoliant is gentle and your face feels warm as you gently rub it in. The end result: glowing skin all day long.

6. FREEDOM Naturals Calming Moisturizer ($4)

I have a hard time trying to find a good moisturizer that has what I need without irritating my skin. The timing for this product was perfect, especially with the weather changing. After a day inside with dry heat and/or a day outside with wind and colder temps, this ‘redhead friendly’ moisturizer calmed and hydrated my skin. It felt soft, smooth, and calm.

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7. AcneLXR Night Serum ($5):

I have to say, thankfully, my days of acne are pretty much done. Unfortunately for my daughter, they are still going strong. When I get a sample of acne meds, she is my guinea pig. I gave her AcneLXR to try and she loved it. Because it is made from organic and natural ingredients, it did not irritate her sensitive skin. It worked FAST – which is a plus when trying to get rid of acne.

8. Redhead Revolution Mascara in ‘Genuine Ginger” Shade ($8)

Coming from an avid black mascara worshipper, this unique ‘ginger’ shade is great for redheads. It adds definition to the eyes and works well for day or night. If you’re not wanting to give up your black mascara, opt to turn this shade on your bottom lashes only. It also works as a great eyebrow gel.

9. Marc Anthony Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment Sachet ($3)

If you think the weather can wreak havoc on your face, imagine what it does to your hair. Just a little bit of this deep conditioning treatment on the bottom strands will leave your hair soft, strong, shiny and frizz free. Leave on your red hair after washing for about 3-7 minutes and rinse out.

I love how it is easy to comb through, coating each strand to soften and protect. Packed with all the benefits of coconut oil and shea butter, this is the perfect addition after you wash & condition those red locks.

10. Tela Beauty Organics Make It Make It Bigger Sample Sachet ($5):

Because I am an “enhanced” redhead, I have to be careful what I put on my hair, especially when it comes to styling products. Many of them have a tendency to cause build-up, but not this product. After using this product from Tela Beauty Organics, I was able to give my hair a fuller look without using the entire sachet. It wasn’t sticky or heavy – plus, the scent so pleasant. If you want a soft, full, no-frizz style to your hair without a heavy feel, then this is the product for you.

Enjoy this Redhead Season by pampering your skin, caring for your red locks and trying new makeup looks.

Rock it like a Redhead!

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