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Review of the November H2BAR Box

By: Sassy Auburn 

Fall is in full effect and us redheads have been trying to adjust our beauty routine since this season arrived. This month, H2BAR Box subscribers were lucky to be some of the first to try Paul Mitchell’s latest haircare line, INIVISIBLEWEAR. This line is perfect for those busy redheads out there who may struggle to keep their red hair looking good days after washing it.

INIVISIBLEWEAR gives every user an opportunity to create a great style and keep it looking great without washing it every day — staying beautifully undone.

The purpose of connecting INVISIBLEWEAR to red hair is simple: don’t worry about being too overdone. Embrace your hair, love your fair skin and rock those freckles. Let your red hair do the talking!

Check out what we get to try:

1. INVISIBLEWEAR Shampoo ($2):

This shampoo has all the things I love: it’s a clear formula (“cream” looking shampoos tend to leave a build-up) that contains Willow Bark Extract which controls excess oils in the scalp – helping to reduce dandruff and protect each hair strand. It also contains a very light, natural scent. My hair definitely was clean after using it, eliminating the product build-up that was currently in my hair. It was a very easy rinse and my hair felt super clean and silky smooth.

2. INVISIBLEWEAR Conditioner ($2):

Conditioning is usually a place where my hair routine goes horribly wrong. Yes, some conditioners are too heavy for the type of hair you may have. Yes, some conditioners contain too many ingredients that can create a heavy build up making it difficult to style. Yes, this can require more frequent washings which can strip your hair of natural oils (and color if you “enhance” your red locks.) No, this conditioner does not do any of this. It helps to control the oils on your scalp and hair to prevent dryness and dandruff if it occurs. A little does just the trick, leaving your hair shiny and soft.

3. INVISIBLEWEAR Memory Shaper ($2):

A little does go a long way with this product. Rub a small amount into your damp red hair from ends to top, avoiding the scalp. When your hair is dry, you can style it how you’d like, giving your red hair flexibility and shine.

4. INVISIBLEWEAR Volume Whip ($18.50):

We, redheads, know that whatever Mother Nature throws our way—expected or unexpected—can wreak havoc on our hair. This product is perfect for those of us who want a soft, flexible style that can stay put even in the toughest weather conditions. It protects the hair from seasonal damage while providing you with a non-sticky hold. If you choose to style with a blowout, it will keep your hair where you want it, adding shine and not giving your hair weight from products or frizz from a hairdryer.

5. INVISIBLEWEAR Undone Texture Hairspray ($18.99):

The bed head look, beachy waves, sexy tousled tresses and just plain “undone” textured styles are a neat, not-too-much effort looks that are perfect for day or night. This hairspray will give you those looks with full, natural, touchable style that stays put all day. Use this with the

Use this with the INVISIBLEWEAR Boomerange Re-Styling Mist to hold your sleek Day 2 look.

6. INVISIBLEWEAR Boomerang Re-Styling Mist ($14.90):

When my H2BAR Box was delivered to my work, one of my co-workers recognized the box immediately and wanted to see what I got. When she got to this product, we read the pamphlet to see what it did. After I explained that it was great to use later in the day to revive limp hair, she was literally in the bathroom spraying it on her dull, lifeless hair. She came out and we were both in awe. Her hair was smooth, shiny, and smelled amazing.

For anyone who needs a refresh after a long day or for those who want to keep their “enhanced” redhead hair looking fabulous on non-washing days, this is just what you need.

7. Paul Mitchell Hair Teasing Brush ($6.00):

Teasing works to add body, soften tight curls and help with styles like up-dos. This precious teasing comb creates a soft, controllable volume-filled style thanks to its densely packed bristles and pointed handle to help you grab the specific pieces you want. A great product to take with you during your holiday travels.

Paul Mitchell never fails to give us redheads just the right products to help with our bright yet occasionally unruly hair. The INVISIBLEWEAR line of hair products gives you controlled styles that look and feel natural, as well as perk up looks that may have lost their pizazz during the day. Use the INVISIBLEWEAR line of products to keep your red tresses looking fabulous so you can continue to rockin’ it like a redhead!

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