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Review: The August H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box

By: Sassy Auburn

It is pretty obvious when you go into any department store that summer is coming to an end soon and back-to-school lists are being made. Before we close out this season, there are some things that us redheads need to tend to as well as we prepare for redhead season.

This month’s H2BAR Box has many goodies to just treat yourself before the events of autumn come calling.

Let’s take a look:

1. Hair Rules Hair Spray ($20):

When I opened my subscription box, this was the first item I grabbed and used. I am always looking for hair items that will be kind to my “enhanced” auburn hair. This is a great product—in fact, I’ve used it every day since I got it! This hairspray is just what us redheads need when we want a boost of volume without frizzies or fly-aways. Its superfine mist protects our hair against humidity to keep our style in place. You can use it to lock in your style after you are finished to give you a soft, manageable hold or you can mist some on before or after you do your hair to help give your hair volume. It’s not sticky and gives you a soft, natural look with great hold.

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2. Sky Organics “Mermaid Kiss” Bath Bomb ($7):

The fact is simple—we are redheads which makes us walking mermaids! So what redhead wouldn’t love to relax with a Mermaid Bath Bomb? With fragrant top notes of ocean mist & sea moss, middle notes of geranium and water mint, followed with a base scent of white cedar wood, it is definitely a luxurious combination that any redhead would enjoy in the bath. Even if you aren’t a fan of a soaking bath, you can still enjoy the bath bomb in the shower by putting it in the tub under the water spout to get those great scents. Luxury for your senses!

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3. “Hello Gorgeous Redhead” Makeup Bag ($20):

Admit it… we love things to put our makeup in! Sometimes we need a smaller organizer for our purse or a larger size for traveling. This makeup bag, made exclusively for H2BAR Subscription Box subscribers, is the perfect size to carry all your favorite makeup necessities. Not to mention, the pattern is beautiful! The perfect holder for all your redhead needs.

4. Probelle Botanical Cuticle Complex Oil ($9):

I have tried different things over the years to help condition my cuticles. In the summer, my cuticles seem to get drier than any other time of year. I could be the fact that I just don’t think to use a healing hand cream as much as I would in the colder months. This year I had a lot of “hangnails” and dry edges around my nails. I have used petroleum-based creams for them, as well as other oils, but the products do not absorb very quickly and I end up having greasy-feeling hands that make it difficult to do everyday things. If I were to use those conditioners at night, it would get wiped off on my sheets when I went to bed.

This nail oil isn’t like that at all! It is absorbed almost instantly, not leaving my hands or nails feeling slippery at all. Even after the first use, I could tell my cuticle beds and skin around my nails felt much softer. It didn’t ruin my current manicure by damaging the polish I already had on either. When it was time for a polish switch, I used it before I put on color and rubbed it in. It was absorbed right away made them feel silky smooth. After a summer of sandal weather, I really liked treating the cuticles on my toes with it too. It definitely helped to soothe the rough edges from having my feet exposed to the elements all season!!

5. Trind Nail Polish ($13):

Nail polishes are one beauty item that you can find almost anywhere. There are so many different types, formulas and colors no matter where you go. I have an entire drawer of different nail polishes. I probably have a different color for every outfit in my wardrobe (and then some!) It would be nice to have a nail polish in a great color that doesn’t just decorate my nails but helps to keep them healthy at the same time.

Ta-da! That’s what Trind Caring Color does. They have added special ingredients which naturally stick to your nails when you put on the color to actually improve the condition of your nails. Apply a second coat if you wish. You will notice when it comes time to switch colors that your nails have grown stronger and faster from Trind’s formula. This is the perfect polish for those of us who get chipped, torn nails easily and need a boost of conditioning. And this color? It is a great pick-me-up color that any redhead will love!

6. Goddess Garden Sunscreen Sample Pack ($2):

I was actually very happy to see this sample in my subscription box. There are times when I don’t feel like putting on an entire face of makeup. It may be a day where I am running errands or just flying out to write a few articles in my local coffee shop. In my routine, it doesn’t matter what is on my agenda–mascara and lip gloss are a MUST! But those two items can’t prevent damaging sun rays from getting to my face.

A little goes a long way with this product, so just put on a light layer on clean dry skin before you put on any serums or moisturizers. Put your foundation on last. This will put the sunscreen closest to your skin so it works the best. I found that my skin had no problems with this sunscreen at all. Finally this redhead can protect her face—as well as other areas—against those damaging rays with a sunscreen that is safe for the face as well as other areas.

7. Evolue Skincare Toner ($2): 

I’ll be honest, it’s been years since I used a toner in my skincare routine. With all of the lotions and serums available for us to use, the thought of a toner seemed mute. So when I tried Evolue Skincare Toner, I wasn’t expecting too much. Whoa!… I was very surprised. It didn’t give me that burning feeling or a tight, alcohol tightness. My face felt completely clean, free of dirt and oils. Made with natural extracts with anti-aging properties, this toner left my face feeling soft and clean without irritation. On warmer days, it will be great to chill this in the refrigerator before use after a long, hot day.

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The August H2BAR Box was jammed with goodies to get us through the rest of the summer and lead us into fall. Rock it like a Redhead! 

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