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How Redheads Can Pull Off A Bold Makeup Look This Spring

Bolder is better!

For fellow redheads wishing to greet spring with a splash of color, I highly recommend some bright and adventurous choices in makeup—specifically, eye makeup and lipstick.

1. Bold eyeliner

Why not abandon the relative safety of brown and black eyeliners for something bolder? As a naturally (extremely pale!) redhead, I have found blues, greens, violets and fuchsias work well to brighten up ivory skin tone and accentuate vivid red hair. Blue and purple eyeliners like Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Sapphire and Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil in Polished Amethyst work like magical highlights on hazel, blue and green eyes. There was a fabulous green eyeliner in the March H2BAR Box by Sorme Cosmetics.

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2. Bold mascara

I highly recommend blue or green mascara to add mermaid shimmer to your redhead eyelashes without being too dark or heavy. I find these two hues also have a brightening effect when used with colorful eyeshadow. Step out of your comfort zone this spring and try L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara in Deep Green.

3. Bold lipstick

Bolder is better when it comes to lipstick, and there is no better time to put this into practice than spring! Don’t be shy when it comes to trying out bright shades of lipstick. I find brighter hues work wonderfully with pale skin and red hair. Opt for hot pinks, corals and fuchsias to spice up your spring style. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, Cream Lipstick in Coral (225) and COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lipstick Cream in Euphoria.

4. Bonus! 

If you’re looking for a bold eyeshadow look, green is especially trendy this month of March. See tutorial below:

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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