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Redheads: Are You Ready for the Colder Months? Take This Short Quiz:

Find out if you're prepared:

The season is changing and some redheads may discover their skin is itchier and their red hair is more brittle. Not only is our wardrobe changing but our ‘redhead friendly’ beauty items need some updating too.

So, let’s take a little quiz to see how ready you are for the colder months:

So are you ready or not? Answers are below:

Quiz Statement #1: It’s cold out, so I can stop wearing sunscreen. 

Answer: NO! Oh, boy….no, nada, never. Everyone, especially redheads, needs the same face SPF year-round. Even though there seems to be less light during the winter, the sun is still seeping through the clouds and can be just as harmful. Also, the sun reflecting off the snow and ice can be extremely damaging your sensitive skin.

You might want to change the formula of your day cream or moisturizer to help target problem areas, but make sure you layer on an SPF 30+ (preferably 50+ for fair-skinned redheads) first. And don’t forget those lips, ears, and hands.

Quiz Question #2: The sun isn’t out, so I don’t have to worry about my hair fading. Right?

Answer: No! Colder weather can cause hair to get frizzier, more brittle, lose its shine, or experience color fade faster (if you’re a redhead ‘by choice’). The best thing you can do is find a color depositing shampoo specifically for red hair and give your hair a nice, natural ‘up’ 1-2 times a week.

And, pamper your locks! An easy DIY hair mask recipe is:

4 tbs of coconut oil

2 tbs of honey (raw if you can get it)

Mix ingredients together in a heat-capable cup. Then, warm the mixture by placing the cup in a shallow bowl of hot water till oil liquifies. Let it cool to a warm temperature. Then, pour mixture onto clean, damp hair (very carefully), coating it thoroughly to the ends. Wrap in a towel, wait for 20 minutes, then rinse out with very warm water.

Quiz Statement #3: Redhead skin gets dry easily, but I should still wash in the morning and night.

Answer: MAYBE. If you wash your face before bed (and you always should) and treat it with a then a couple of splashes of cool water is all you should need in the morning. But if you are using your sleep time to repair problem areas with serums and creams, you’re going to want to wash away the dead skin cells bringing the bright, rejuvenated skin to the surface. Don’t use a harsh cleanser–a light cream or foam wash will do the trick. Everyone’s skin is different, so find the system that is right for you but remember to keep changing the routine with the seasons.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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Image Credit: via Pinterest