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10 Things a Bride Should Never Ask a Redhead Bridesmaid

By: Christine Bertan

Warmer months are just around the corner and that means wedding season is upon us. For those redheaded bridesmaids who have experienced demanding and obscure questions from brides, these may seem familiar. For those first-time redheaded bridesmaids, these may be asked of you.

Keep in mind, these questions might be coming from brides who do not have red hair.

1. Bride: Would you consider dying your hair for the wedding?

Redhead Bridesmaid: No, but I will always remember you asked.

2. Bride: Will you consider tanning?

Redhead Bridesmaid: Are you kidding me? No, I won’t. I will just burn in a tanning booth.

If that’s a deal-breaker for the bride, then (I think) you should re-evaluate your friendship.

3. Bride: Do you like the bright orange bridesmaid dress?

Redhead Bridesmaid: *No answer*. All redheads have colors we simply won’t wear, but that doesn’t mean we won’t make the exception for a close friend or family member’s wedding. Brides, don’t ask if us redheads “like” the color. You know we look like a life-size carrot for a full day with a professional photographer. 

4. Bride: Do you want the makeup artist to cover up your freckles?

Redhead Bridesmaid: Do you want me to shave off one of your eyebrows? Kidding, but not really. This questions insinuates the bride sees a flaw, while not considering that you see it as a beautiful part of you.

5. Bride: Can you be in a church since you have no soul?

Redhead Bridesmaid: Again, no answer. Okay, they probably meant that as a joke, but it can be annoying.

6. Bride: We’re making custom t-shirts for the Bachelorette Party. Can we put Ginger Spice on yours?

Redhead Bridesmaid: Unless this person is a Ginger Spice fan (many of us are!), let’s not assume she’s automatically cool with that. Maybe ask, “Hey, what do you want on your t-shirt?”

7. Bride: There will be pictures outside, can you be in them?

Redhead Bridesmaid: (This one deserves a chuckle) I don’t melt in the sun, if that’s what you think.

8.Bride: It’s an outdoor summer wedding, can you not smell like sunscreen?

Redhead Bridesmaid: Well, thanks for wanting to increase my chances for skin cancer on the happiest day of your life. Luckily for you, I can find some scent-free options.

9. Bride: Will you do an Irish jig at the reception?

Redhead Bridesmaid: Redheads are not all Irish.

10. Bride: If anyone gets out of control, can you put them in their place?

Redhead Bridesmaid: I may be a fiery redhead, but I don’t moonlight as a bouncer.

At the end of the day, it is an honor to be a bridesmaid. So, if you get asked a question from above, simply roll with it and laugh!

Rock it like a Redhead!