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5 Makeup Resolutions for Redheads

The New Year is here and it’s time to begin using a better (and healthier) makeup routine. We consulted with Boston makeup artist, Liz Fuller. “Commit to a skin care regimen to get redhead skin looking its best and practice the following tips in 2016,” says Fuller.

1. Manage your brows.

“Many redheads are not properly grooming their eyebrows. I’m finding with clients that either the eyebrows are being completely ignored or overly plucked/waxed. Brows should be on the full side but should be professionally shaped and maintained. Use a brow powder or gel to fill in gaps if hairs are sparse and be sure to brush those formulas through with a brow brush to blend.”

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2. Commit to a skin care regimen.

“Oftentimes I have clients come to me and they say they don’t wash their face at night or they don’t use moisturizer or sun screen. It’s very difficult to apply makeup to skin that is not properly hydrated (flaky skin) or if a client has been picking at pimples, resulting in scabs. It’s much easier to cover a red bump than a scab.”

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3. Find your best lipstick or lipgloss color.

“I’ve just learned this trick to find your best lipstick/gloss shade. You can do this with the lipsticks you already have to rule out which ones work or don’t, or out at a makeup store. Open the sample lipsticks, twist up the lipstick from the bullet and hold it horizontally- right in front of your lips. (You can do this with gloss as well-if it has a see-through container.) Look in the mirror and you can see what the color will look like on you without even having to try it on. You can’t try on every lipstick in a store, but by doing this trick, you sort of can! It is amazing and simple.”

4. Curl your eyelashes.

“So many women skip this step in their daily routine. Curling your eyelashes is so easy and effortless to do. And it makes a world of difference. Eyes are just wider looking, more open and awake. Curl your lashes, swipe on your mascara, and go!”

5. Ditch the eyeliner pencil along your lower lash line.

“Pencils can be very harsh, especially as we get older and have more fine lines around the eyes. You can line your upper lash line with a pencil but for the lower lash line opt for a shadow instead. A chocolate brown, muted gray, or a rich plum can look gorgeous when applied along the lower lash line. Apply a shimmery shadow underneath (a champagne or gold color) to let light shine through.”

6. Try a cream blush instead of a powder.

“Cream blushes look a lot more natural than a powder version. Cream blushes melt into the skin letting the pretty color peek through to reveal a healthy-looking glow.”

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

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