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Denise Erpenbach

5 Items Every Redhead Needs In Her Closet This Fall

Don't let the autumn months approach without these must-have items.

By: Denise Erpenbach 

Autumn is fast approaching and with it comes the fall fashion trends that are perfect for redheads. There is just something about the changing leaves that makes our fiery locks shine even more!

Everyone knows fall is the season of boots, tunic tops, and beautiful scarves, but I wanted to mix it up and try something different. Besides, we redheads, we can wear anything.

With that in mind, here are my top 5 items for redheads this fall: 

1. MOTO BOOTS: Nothing says fall quite like a new pair of boots. If you are looking for a change from the everyday knee-high, black boot, these make more of a statement. If you’re comfortable with a bit of edge, these boots will keep your feet happy and make your legs look great. Shop here.

2. VICTORIAN BLOUSES: Redheads look fabulous in all colors, but mulberry is one of my favorites. This turtleneck blouse will really will make red hair sing. Shop here.

3. GRAY DRESS: Gray is such an under used color on redheads. With most of us being cool toned, gray suits our porcelain skin perfectly. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down. You can pair it with boots and a leather jacket, or a colorful scarf and statement earrings. Shop here.

4. FRINGE SKIRT: I’ll be the first to admit, the fringe trend has never really been my favorite. I think it can either look very chic or completely unflattering depending on the shape of the garment. This asymmetrical skirt is a good compromise. Not too long or short, and flows nicely when you walk.  In addition this wine color will look fabulous next to pale skin. Shop here.

5. CAPE SILHOUETTE JACKET: Hear me out on this one. When I saw this on the runway in February I thought, “Who wants to look like Count Dracula walking down the street?” The answer is me! These can be such an excellent statement for a nice dinner out on the town. You don’t have to wear it all night long, just something to keep you warm and elegant looking until you arrive. This jacket from Zara is an excellent choice for the fall/winter season. Shop here.

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Rock it like a Redhead!