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Jacqueline Arthur

Fall Fashion Essentials for Redheads

By: Jacqueline Arthur 

It is officially September! Can you believe it?

This year has flown by and we are approaching the fall season. It’s time for most to go back to school, cooler climates, countdown to Christmas, hot chocolate… and a wardrobe change. As the leaves turn to a rusty red hue, jeweled tones and deeper “redhead friendly” colors are all the rage. Get ready to embrace it!

Here are wardrobe staples for this fabulous season that will help us looking fierce and foxy..and school-ready too!

1. Trench Coat 

A trench coat is an absolutely classic fashion piece. The shape is super-flattering and suits all body types because it pulls in the waist and gives a super-feminine hourglass shape. Wearing a trench coat will smarten up any ensemble and we’ll look sensational in a classic cut with many different colors. It is recommended that redheads opt for the classic beige or go for darker colors, like black and blue.

You’ll be bound to make a lasting impression while walking around campus.

2. Hat 

Hats are the best way to rock red locks! Wearing a hat will instantly make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re heading off to college/university for the first time, this is the perfect occasion for re-invention and taking fashion risks, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Remember: If you’re unsure of what hat looks best on you, opt for colors that complement your complexion. Greens are our go-to color and will instantly make your red hair pop.

3. Knitwear 

I love living in a colder country because when the weather gets really wintry, I can get cozy in an oversized cardigan or sweater. It’s always important to have a comfortable cardigan in your closet that you can throw over your outfit before you head out to class. When it comes to knitwear, you can’t go wrong with choosing neutral colors because it’s a classic look when paired with vibrant hair.

4. Boots 

It pains me to say this, but campus or city college-life is not always the place for heels. With all the walking a student does, it’s important to have a pair of  knee high boots. They are comfortable and chic, and look lovely whether you use them to tuck in skinny jeans or match with a skirt.

5. Bag 

You may not think about it, but carrying a handbag or wearing a backpack can also help accentuate your red hair. With so many different colors, patterns and designs on the market, the options are endless. A dark green or black leather handbag is an accessory that will never go out of style and will instantly add an extra element of elegance to any ensemble. Tip: You can give your handbag a completely different look by tying a scarf around the handle. Each time your change the scarf, your bag will take on a completely new look.

Rock it like a Redhead!