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Unique makeup brushes made with redheads in mind

A new way to express ourselves!

By: Brenna Gray

Human Unicorns: Redheads with blue eyes are the rarest combination in the world, making up 1% of the Earth’s population.

If you’re a redhead beauty lover, it’s a great time to be alive! Most makeup brushes look the same. Basic black handles, and black or white bristles. They do the job, but they just don’t look pretty.

If you’ve ignored the beauty aisles for a while now (probably because you thought your collection was complete), think again!

Redheads, unicorn & mermaid brushes are here and are about to become a very real part of your world.

The UK brand, Unicorn Lashes, launched the unicorn brushes last month; and now they have decided to launch mermaid brushes too!

Unicorn brushes

They’re currently sold out, but learn more about them here

Mermaid brushes

In a now-deleted post on the company’s Instagram account, an illustration revealed plans for an otherworldly set of mermaid tail brushes featuring scales and colorful bristles. According to beauty bloggers who reposted the image, the brushes are still being designed and will come in a shell-shaped case.

Is it just me or are they catering to redheads more than any other makeup accessory company? I mean, we all know redheads are basically unicorns and mermaids. Redheads, rejoice.

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