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Reba McEntire’s Makeup Artist Gives 5 Makeup Tips for Redheads

Los Angeles based make-up artist Brett Freedman works with some of the world’s most beautiful women in Hollywood, including the ultra-famous redhead, Reba McEntire. He sat down with us to discuss Reba’s “redhead friendly” makeup choices and secret tips. Now he’s back to share his favorite fall makeup tips for redheads.

Brett said, “Redheads have to remember to make their touch more vidid. Nature knows what it is doing. Give lips a touch more cherry, the cheeks a little extra rose, darken the lashes a bit, brighten under the eye with concealer. Think of it as a polish-up/grooming and later you can expand into more glamorous looks.”

Here are five more tips for redheads this spring season:

1. Lip Stains: “For paler gals, I am a HUGE fan of stains on lips underneath lip color. It cuts the ‘naked lip show-through’ when lip color wears off.”

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2. Quality Skincare Products: With the weather changing, redheads need to take extra care of their skin because it’s super susceptible to dryness.

Redhead Friendly ProductDermalogica Skin Care

3. Concealer: Since redheads are pale, they tend to purchase “too pale” of a concealer color. Talk with a professional to match the concealer to your exact skin tone. Brett says, “Too light of a concealer is a huge culprit of bad.”

Redhead Friendly Product: NARS Women’s Stick Concealer

4. ‘Redhead Friendly’ Eyeshadows: “Look for mossy green, khaki and nutty shades of eyeshadow,” says Brett.

Redhead Friendly Tip: Always remember that when you rock a bold eye, keep the rest of your face neutral by keeping your cheeks and lip shades closer to your skin tone.

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5. Mascara: Should you wear black or brown mascara? This is a big debate in the redhead makeup world. “It depends on the gal, but for a redhead, I generally go by the rule of brown for day and black for the evening,” says Brett.

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