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Get Reba McEntire’s Look: Celebrity Makeup Artist Brett Freedman Shares His Secrets

Los Angeles based make-up artist Brett Freedman works with some of the world’s most beautiful women, including the famous redhead, Reba McEntire.

Brett said, “Reba’s wonderful. She’s adventurous with her look and ‘game’ to try new things, beauty wise, and that’s what keeps it exciting! She’s also fun to work with because she has a huge effect on her fans. I think singers garner much different reactions from fans, than say, actresses or other public figures because fans instantly feel connected to them. Reba navigates her fans’ tidal wave of excitement very well.”

Brett sat down with How to be a Redhead to discuss Reba’s “redhead friendly” makeup choices, secret tips and more.

H2BAR: Do you have makeup tips for enchanting Reba’s red hair? 

Brett: “I try to let her hair take center stage by using muted neutrals and warm, juicy lip and cheek colors. She loves lip glosses from NARS Cosmetics.”

H2BAR: How do you make Reba’s eyes pop? 

Brett: “I’m a big fan of mixing warm and cool tones on the eyes. I like to combine warm taupes with pewter or celery to add depth and catch light.”

H2BAR: Reba’s cheekbones are gorgeous! How do you this look? 

Brett: “My secret is to use healthy looking blush tones like tangerine & berry — never brick or brown. I also add a touch of LORAC Cosmetics Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder.”

H2BAR: What is one of Reba’s go-to makeup products?

Brett: “I love to use Stila Cosmetics Convertible Blush in ‘Gladiola‘ on her. I do believe less is more and this product gives your skin the perfect color.”

H2BAR: Reba’s skin is so dewy! How do you it? 

Brett: “We love anything moisturizing. Reba likes to keep her skin dewy and that’s why I love Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide and Concealer.

H2BAR: Redheads are always reaching for the perfect eyebrow pencil for their light eyebrows. What is Reba’s secret? 

Brett: “We use a pencil from my line, Brett Freedman Beauty, called ‘Gingerella.’ Most redheads are sick of using copper-ish eyeshadows or lip pencils and other lines’ red options are basically brown with a touch of red. This is the perfect eyebrow pencil for any redhead.”