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Pumpkin Spice Hair Is Trending, Redheads Disagree

Orange is one of the most 'Redhead Friendly' colors, so this is not surprising

When you hear ‘Pumpkin Spice’ what do you think of? If you are anything like us, your first thought is probably Starbucks. Others might think of desserts or certain autumn scents. But, the term has hit the beauty world in a big way. Everyone now wants Pumpkin Spice Hair.

This is for real.

Laura Estroff, head colorist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, NYC told Cosmopolitan, “We’re seeing that pumpkin spice hair has more copper undertones whereas gingersnap tends to fall under the category of brunette with red undertones.”

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Beauty publications everywhere are commenting on this hair color using the hashtag #PumpkinSpiceHair or #PSH to spark this “trend.” But, the funny thing is: redheads (and non-redheads) are speaking out on social media and claiming, “That is not pumpkin spice hair, it’s a redhead.”

They have a point. It’s red hair, but with ‘ginger’ and/or ‘strawberry blonde’ tones. Wondering what ‘ginger’ looks like? Take a look at our red hair breakdown here.

The pumpkin-frenzy is funny and definitely not unexpected. It is always around this time of year, also known as Redhead Season, when pumpkin scents, colors and tones are all the rage. After all, it’s one of the most ‘Redhead Friendly’ colors on the planet. So, it’s only natural that people begin referring to shades of red hair as ‘pumpkin’.

Here is what social media has to say about this Pumpkin Spice Hair fad:

pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_1 pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_fall_season pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_how_to_be_a_redhead pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_redhead pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_trend_this_fall_Season pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_trend_this_fall pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_trend pumpkin_spice_latte_hairWhat are your thoughts? Comment below! Rock it like a Redhead