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Interview with Hair Expert: KENNA

KENNA, the creative director of ghd and founder of Kennaland Studio in London and Brooklyn, NY, has worked for 14 years in salons, on photo and film sets and backstage of catwalks across the globe. His work has been seen in countless magazines such as Vogue UK and Elle UK, to name a few. He told GLAMOUR UK in 2012, “…Ginger shows a brave confidence, a ‘look at me’ strength, which is really sexy in a woman. I think it’s all to do with this strong woman that is ‘here!'”

As a redhead himself, he has a passion for the color and shares with us his top tips, the best styling tools, and why he thinks redheads are perfect.

H2BAR: You’re a natural redhead! Why do you love being a redhead?

Kenna: It’s like being part of a secret club.

H2BAR: Tell us about your hair salon in Brooklyn called Kennaland?

Kenna: Its my second studio and first in the USA. It is a natural progression as I now spend more than half of my time in NY working on the sets and runways of international fashion brands.

H2BAR: Your salon give half price haircuts for redheads on the first Saturday of the month! How did you come up with this?

Kenna: (laughs) This idea was inspired by the London Zoo! When I was a teenager in London an arangeatang was born in captivity and for the following two weeks they offered half price entry for gingers! So years later I’m in a position to offer a the same discount to fellow gingers to get a good hair cut!

Display of Work: 'Ginger Cloud' by Kenna
Display of Work: ‘Ginger Cloud’ by Kenna

H2BAR: What is the one hair product every redhead should own?

Kenna: A great shampoo.

H2BAR: What is the #1 hair mistake most redheads make when it comes to their hair?

Kenna: I don’t ever see a particular mistake. All redheads are perfect to me. All I can say is, never hide it!

H2BAR: What is a simple, everyday hair style a busy redhead could create on her own?

Kenna: Any kind of braid on red hair is amazing. Natural redheads have so many tones and colors in their hair, and it’s incredible to see them pulled through a braid.

Display of Work: The Fyodor Golan 2013 show. Hair created by Kenna.
Display of Work: The Fyodor Golan 2013 show. Hair created by Kenna.


H2BAR: How can a redhead tackle frizzy hair?

Kenna: A brand I have worked with for over 4 years now as their creative director and UK ambassador: ghd. They own the patent for some of the most amazing hair smoothing and styling tools available on the market. These tools are made for professional hair styling, but they are becoming easier for people “in the know” to get them.

H2BAR: What is the one styling tool every redhead should own?

Kenna: A good quality hair dryer. My favorite is ‘Aura’ by ghd. It sadly hasn’t been launched in North America yet, but it’s coming very soon!

H2BAR: For those who are “chosen” redheads, what is your #1 tip to keep red hair from fading?

Kenna: I actually LOVE the journey from vibrant to natural tones creeping back through, it’s like four seasons in two months.

H2BAR: How can one who dyes their red hair make it more vibrant?

Kenna: Weekly toners.

Display of Work: Vittoria Cerciello, Model. Hair created by Kenna.
Display of Work: Vittoria Cerciello, Model. Hair created by Kenna.

H2BAR: You’ve worked on many editorial photo shoots and backstage at runway events. What has been your ultimate favorite look?

Kenna: (laughs) A ginge with a fringe!

H2BAR: How can a redhead enhance her fair skin and freckles with her hair?

Kenna: Fringes, layers that frame and finish on your face, top knots, even hair behind your ear will expose your neck and will show off a redhead’s perfect, amazing skin!

Photo Credit via Kenna at 2012’s London Fashion Week