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Postpartum: Is It a Redhead Trait?

Bryce Dallas Howard, known for her role in Twilight and the recent movie, The Help, is a stunning pregnant redhead and many reporters have said she “radiates warmth.” We agree!

Although, Bryce has been talking candidly about how she suffered a deep postpartum depression following the birth of her son, Theo, 4.

In a recent interview she said, “It was so unexpected and went on for so long, 18 months. This time around I’m not as worried about things and while I really don’t want it to happen again, it’s not something I can necessarily control. If it happens, hopefully I’m more prepared and I’ll get help earlier.”

There isn’t any scientific evidence that redheads experience postpartum, but H2BAR wanted to take this story to our redheaded readers: Did you experience this too?

Although not a natural redhead, Marcia Cross,said she was freaked out while pregnant, but once her twins came she “[was] the happiest creature on the planet.”

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