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Marcia Cross’s Makeup Secrets

A few weeks ago How to be a Redhead sat down with celebrity makeup artist, Sherilyn StetzSherilyn is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked on the set of ‘Desperate Housewives’ for five seasons and on the hit movie, ‘Bridesmaids’; she has also done makeup for Dixie Carter, Tom Hanks, Marg Helgenberger (a beautiful redhead!) and many, many more!

We want to know, what is Marcia Cross’s makeup secret? Her redhead skin is always glowing!

Sherilyn gave us the secret behind her perfect complexion, “Marcia is also a favorite redhead of mine. To begin with, she has absolutely incredible skin. She goes above and beyond to protect her skin from the sun. When I worked on the show [Desperate Housewives], we used Armani Hydra Glow Foundation. It looks luminous on everyone!” 

Tip: Always wear sunscreen and choose a foundation that is good for sensitive skin.

Rock it like a Redhead!