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Natural Tips for Keeping Red Hair Vibrant

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Natural redheads worry about their hair fading as well as ‘by choice’ redheads who are dyeing (pun intended) to keep their locks vibrant. There are many heavy chemical-based products on the market that can help prevent fading, but here at How to be a Redhead, we’re always pushing for our redhead beauties to go the natural route. Luckily, many companies are creating ‘all natural’ hair products to keep our locks gorgeous, but how about actual natural products that can be found right in your kitchen?

Jamie Millmather, a Master Stylist at LaLaLuxe salon in Providence, RI knows all about keeping red hair super shiny and full of vibrancy. “We all know the story about red hair, although it’s beautiful it’s the hardest color to keep,” says Millmather. “Maintenance is key to keeping hair color vibrant and healthy, for both natural and dyed redheads.”

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Here are Millmather’s top all-natural hair tips:

1. “If you do get your hair colored, that same day you go to the salon, do an at-home hot oil treatment. You can use Extra Virigin Olive Oil or a treatment from the drugstore. Put it on, wrap your hair in plastic wrap, and rinse with cold water. This will help seal the cuticle and prevent excess color fade in the first shampoos.” This is also a great tip for natural redheads as the hot oil protects and seals the hair.

2. “Repetitive hair masks are a must! Keeping your hair properly balanced with protein and moisture will ensure that your hair color stays vibrant. When it comes to at home hair care treatments you have more options then you think. As far as a deep conditioning, you can use half an avocado puréed, olive oil or mayonnaise to get your locks re-hydrated just be sure to wrap your hair in plastic wrap. If shine is what you are looking for, look no further than your fridge and do a beer rinse! It gives hair great shine, and I would recommend a light beer for this type of mask.”

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